Is the Promise of Natural Gas Waning?

By Paritosh Kasotia The final Clean Power Plan released on August underplays the role of natural gas in reducing carbon emissions in comparison to the draft Clean Power Plan rules released in 2014. According to the America’s Natural Gas Alliance President Martin Durbin, initial indications from the final Clean Power Plan rues indicate that theContinue reading “Is the Promise of Natural Gas Waning?”

Utilities Once Again Add to Iowa’s Confusing Solar Market

By Paritosh Kasotia As the price of solar plummets, many consumers are going solar. This has led some utilities to seriously assess what it means for their business and how do they continue to maintain the power grid with fewer electricity sales. Recently, Pella Electric Cooperative introduced a surcharge of $85 per month for thoseContinue reading “Utilities Once Again Add to Iowa’s Confusing Solar Market”

What The Clean Future Might Be?

By Paritosh Kasotia August 3rd will be remembered as a day when the US government took a bold step to set first-ever limits on power plant carbon emissions and make a serious attempt at tackling climate change. While this should be a great news for all of us, certain special interest groups will try theirContinue reading “What The Clean Future Might Be?”

Major utility’s about-face is big win for solar power in Iowa

Courtesy of Bleeding Heartland One of Iowa’s major investor-owned utilities has changed a policy that was impeding new solar power projects, Karen Uhlenhuth reported for Midwest Energy News over the weekend. Follow me after the jump for background and details on this excellent news. Background The relatively high up-front cost of installing photovoltaic panelsContinue reading “Major utility’s about-face is big win for solar power in Iowa”

Third Island in the Seychelles Fully Powered by the Sun with Big Help from Crowdfunding

International Perspectives By Chris Caird, Unfolding Energy Summer Intern To see the full story on this topic that appeared on July 5, 2015, click here Cousin Island, a special conservation reserve became the third island in the Seychelles archipelago to become carbon neutral with the help of solar power. Three islands out of the 115 totalContinue reading “Third Island in the Seychelles Fully Powered by the Sun with Big Help from Crowdfunding”

National Black Chamber of Commerce is wrong on EPA plan

By Paritosh Kasotia This article appeared as a column on The Des Moines Register on June 25, 2015 In a Register column published on June 23, Harry Alford, CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce, asserts that the EPA Clean Power Plan will pose undue economic hardships on the 280,000 blacks and Hispanics inContinue reading “National Black Chamber of Commerce is wrong on EPA plan”

Divestments and the Risks of Stranded Assets

By Paritosh Kasotia As the dialogue on divestment and carbon free economy increases, it is creating an increased risk for assets commonly referred to as “stranded assets”. University of Oxford’s Stranded Assets Programme describes it as “assets that have suffered from unanticipated or premature write-downs, devaluations or conversion to liabilities.” It goes something like this.Continue reading “Divestments and the Risks of Stranded Assets”

Is Iowa Doing Everything It Can?

By Paritosh Kasotia A version of this article appeared as a guest column in The Des Moines Register on Earth Day, April 22, 2015 Today marks the 45th anniversary of the Earth Day. To commemorate this important milestone, the environmentally conscious lot will probably attend an earth-friendly lecture, switch off our lights and many devices, andContinue reading “Is Iowa Doing Everything It Can?”

Are Millennials Really Not Engaged?

By Paritosh Kasotia I was at a Citizens Climate Lobby event last night. During Q&A, a lady who described herself as a baby boomer asked a very simple question, how do we engage the millennials? My first reaction was aren’t millennials already engaged? I thought data shows that we deeply care about issues such as climateContinue reading “Are Millennials Really Not Engaged?”