About Unfolding Energy

Making Sense of the Every Changing Energy Industry

Unfolding Energy, a not-for-profit organization is founded on a premise that clean energy choices can safeguard the climate as well as create economic growth. But, this requires a government that is willing to support the growing industry, a consumer base that is educated and engaged, and an industry that openly embraces the changes and works towards integrating new technologies into the energy mix.

With that, Unfolding Energy helps its partners make sense of the ever-changing energy industry.

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Our Mission

Unfolding Energy  educates, informs, and provides solutions on clean energy choices and its impact on the climate.

Vision Statement

An educated and informed citizenry will make clean energy choices that safeguard the climate.

The energy industry is witnessing a revolution that has never seen before. You can compare it to the green revolution or the IT revolution. It has the power to change how we produce and consume energy. Renewable energy sources such as wind have seen tremendous growth. Solar is not far behind and is catching up at an unprecedented speed. This speed brings its own challenges of how quickly the industry, consumers, governments, and communities can seamlessly embrace new energy sources in this ever changing industry. Unfolding Energy works to make that transition take place.