About This Blog

The energy industry is witnessing a revolution that has never been seen before. You can compare it to the green revolution or the IT revolution. It has the power to change how we produce and consume energy. Renewable energy sources such as wind have seen tremendous growth. Solar is not far behind and is catching up at an unprecedented speed. This speed brings with it its own challenges in how quickly the industry, consumers, governments, and communities can seamlessly embrace new energy sources in this ever-changing industry.

This blog will attempt to unravel the market and the industry development and view it from the lenses of energy security, climate change, consumer choice, and economic growth.

As you read the blog, provide comments and pose questions but more than that, engage your friends and family members on the changing energy industry. The energy consumer of the future will be far from passive. Rather, the future energy consumer will actively make choices on what and how they consume energy.


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